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Do you know you can make up to $1,700 monthly WITHOUT having to sell any product to earn affiliate commissions or to sell a service as a freelancer?

In today’s age, Companies are willing to pay you if you help them generate leads. For many of us who are new to digital marketing, the word ‘LEAD’ simply means someone who shows interest in a service or product by interacting with business marketing.

Now these leads could come as email-signups, phone-verification, or even product trials. These leads in affiliate marketing are known as Cost Per Action/Acquisition which is also known as CPA Marketing.

In our traditional affiliate marketing, we all know you need to make sales before you’re paid the agreed commission by the product owner/ vendor. But with CPA Marketing, all you need to do is get prospects to complete the given action the advertiser requires. Once they complete it, you get paid.

Let’s leave all this long talk and take a look at the potential payout and earnings you can make per lead generation when you get prospects to complete CPA offers.


However, If you haven’t watched the video above, make sure you watch it to understand what CPA Marketing is. I started CPA Marketing last year (2022) as I was previously a Copywriter who had been enjoying Copywriting money from Fiverr for the past 3 years until I stopped getting clients on Fiverr. 

So I decided to get into UpWork and things got even tougher because Upwork needed freelancers to fight for clients and pay for Connects. I learned about CPA Marketing and got to understand that one doesn’t have to depend on clients to give jobs for you to get your daily bread. 

There are HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of businesses who are out there looking for marketers to get them customers who might show a slight interest in their business. 

And like I showed you in the video, these businesses are more than willing to pay you crazy money for it! You can see my payout right here on my crypto wallet


The present platform I’m working with (as of when writing this) was paying me daily in crypto in usdt as my CPA Account Manager Elena was very communicative with me. After getting into online marketing back in 2019 till date, I started recognizing one thing that didn’t just kill me but killed lots of young Nigerian youths.

This was Lack of Information: One truth I had to learn the hard way through experience was that the fundamental difference between the poor and the rich is just basic information. 

That’s why you can see wealthy people pay millions of dollars just to get a piece of valid information. 

Apart from that, misinformation is also related to the corruption of the minds of the Youths. I can remember when people saw me with a Laptop they used to call me Yahoo Boy

The only thing that saved me was because I used to wear glasses. So they don’t know any Yahoo boy who has four eyes 🙂 

I don’t blame them as I understood that it’s the factor of societal misinformation that caused it. 

That’s why I want to say there are hundreds of possibilities YOU can implement in changing your life today. 

In my journey of changing mine, I want to guide you step by step through this course, so you will not have to waste valuable time in getting results just like myself.  Time is money, so as resources, this course will help you use your time well and help you utilize your already existing resources in getting results. Therefore, this course will be your lantern in guiding you through the path of making financial success in CPA Marketing as a total beginner. 

Now before you get into the course, I will honestly want to tell you beforehand that this course is one of the most “boring” videos you might have ever come across. They are hardly funny and uninteresting like your everyday social media comedy skits.

But I’m 100% sure that if you’re buying the course to make money with CPA marketing then you might find the eagerness in watching these boring lengthy videos. 

Apart from that, every step mentioned in this video is an applied REALISTIC step you MUST key into to get results… 

  • CONSISTENCY is key to success in every trade. 
  • CPA Marketing is not a Ponzi scheme as this video course. 

If you’re looking for some MMM ponzi investment pyramid where you put 1 naira and get 10 naira with no value added. Then I’m sorry, this course is not meant for you. I believe if you’ve watched the 15-minute video above, you must have understood what CPA Marketing is by now and how to get about it. If you’re ready to grow with me in making some crazy dollars before the year finally ends, I’ll be waiting for you on the other side. 

Frequently asked questions

  • What is CPA Marketing, and how does it work?
    CPA Marketing, short for Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition Marketing, is a method where you earn commissions by getting prospects to complete specific actions. These actions can range from email sign-ups to product trials, and you get paid once the required action is completed.
  • Can anyone, even beginners, benefit from this course?
    Absolutely! This course is designed with beginners in mind. I'll guide you step by step through the process, making it accessible and actionable for those who are new to CPA Marketing.
  • How much can I realistically earn with CPA Marketing?
    Earnings in CPA Marketing can vary depending on several factors, including your efforts, the CPA offers you choose, and your marketing strategies. While I mention the potential to earn up to $1,700 monthly, individual results may differ.
  • What kind of payments can I expect, and how often will I receive them?
    Payments in CPA Marketing can come in various forms, including cash, gift cards, or cryptocurrency, depending on the network or platform you choose to work with. Payment frequency can also vary, but in my experience, I received daily payments in crypto (USDT).
  • Is this course for a global audience, or are there any geographical restrictions?
    This course is suitable for a global audience. While my experiences are based in Nigeria, the principles and strategies I share can be applied worldwide. Just ensure you adhere to the specific requirements of your chosen CPA network or platform.
  • Is CPA Marketing a get-rich-quick scheme?
    No, CPA Marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It's a legitimate form of affiliate marketing, where your earnings are directly tied to your efforts and the value you bring to advertisers. This course is about building a sustainable income, not making unrealistic promises.
  • Why do you describe the course as "boring"?
    I'm transparent about the course's content. It may not be as entertaining as social media comedy skits, but it provides practical, realistic steps that you must follow to achieve success in CPA Marketing. Remember, consistency is key!
  • What topics are covered in the course?
    The course covers various essential topics, including selecting the right CPA offers, lead generation strategies, and effective marketing techniques. You'll gain a solid foundation in CPA Marketing and actionable steps to start earning commissions.
  • How long does it typically take to see results with CPA Marketing?
    The time it takes to see results varies from person to person. Your commitment, effort, and how well you apply the strategies will influence your timeline. Remember, success often comes with patience and consistency.
  • How do I get started with the course, and what's the next step?
    To get started, simply click BUY NOW to complete purchase for the course, and you'll gain access to the valuable content that will guide you through the world of CPA Marketing. If you're ready to embark on this journey to financial success, I'm here to support you every step of the way!


Marcel Anichebe

Digital Marketing Luminary and CPA Expert

Hi, I’m Marcel Anichebe 👋

I never intended to become a CPA or affiliate marketer when I started out as an online marketer.  I worked as a copywriter because I loved writing—not until new gigs stopped coming in.  It took me some time to realize that in order to make money, I CANNOT depend on freelance platforms. I mean, I looked for fresh approaches to finding international clients online without relying on freelance sites, but none of the courses I took were able to help me with my issue. So I invested in a CPA marketing course with little expectation. I got the course from an English YouTuber for $99. I was able to learn not just how CPA functions but also the complete metrics of affiliate marketing.



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